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Postby snapdragon » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:15 pm

After a PDF flyer for these dropped into my inbox I just had to try them due to the blurb that they were authentic from chipsets, vehicles etc. I duly purchased the Dunkelgelb set at Telford for £9. A nice little box with 4 paints inside.

I have had now the opportunity to use them and they spray very nicely through my 0.2 needle on my Evolution. Each jar is 10ml and has a good strong pigment.

However, comparing them to original paints from one of the manufacturers archives made for me there is quite a different story and having a look through the books and at the paint colours it seems to me that chipsets are the least place they went looking and completely ignored instead using equipment that has been knocking around since the war in museums and private hands of which the paint has been exposed to weather and daylight and thus has changed over the 70+ years since they were factory fresh and not kicked around a battlefield and re-enactment guys.

When compared to original chipset paint shades (There was only a 3% variance throughout the war and there is a letter in German archives proving this) a whole new story about their supposed research in the book comes to life

So. February 1943 saw OKW apply for a new colour to be registered in the RAL colour range to be designated RAL 7028 and a colour was provided called Dunkelgelb Nach Muster (Dark Yellow after sample). This was applied to new vehicles and in the field through soluble paste at field repair depots. It was only used for Operation Citadel - the Kursk battle and withdrawn at the end as the feedback was that it was too bright.

This photo below shows, on the left the original colour and on the spoon AK's version. AK's to a digital camera is lighter slightly but to the human eye it looks just right. This is due to the human eye only being able to recognise a fraction of the colours a computer or digital source can.


What entered into the RAL register as RAL 7028 was a more earthy tone but still called Dunkelgelb.


Again, AK's is not even close... even my eyes can see this one! Fail!

Mid way through 1944 there was a change again. A colour came in which is darker than the Afrika Corps RAL 8020 shade. Some people mistake it for that colour. AK call it a variant.


It is not even close and resembles the Nach Muster paint. Fail

The last shade of Dunkelgelb 7028 came in late 1944 which was darker than the Dunkelgelb Nach Muster and has a slight greenish tint.


Again, AK fail to produce the correct shade and instead it looks like one of the Afrika Korps colours (but again, not even close)

These are not even close in most respects to the chipset and a 3% variance to be classed as a real color (and I wish they would stop using American spelling!). Most modellers will get and read the book and use these thinking everything is kosher. It isn't and these paints don't make the grade (although the Nach Muster is close enough for the human eye to pass) and they will not be anywhere close to my paint stand!

I have now passed paint chip samples to Vallejo. Lets just wait and see!

Don't waste your money on these!
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Re: AK Real Colors

Postby number1 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:10 pm

Thanks for the warning, I dont usually build armour, but when I do I know who to come to for colour advice :handgestures-thumbup:
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