And looks like yet another... a McLaren F1

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Re: And looks like yet another... a McLaren F1



Re: And looks like yet another... a McLaren F1

Postby brogusblue » Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:11 pm

Julian wrote:Nothing from De-Ag as of yet.... lets wait and see if they actually send me 1-4

Just found this on deagostini's website

You will receive 2 issues in your first and second parcels and then 4 issues every month thereafter, plus special issues that De Agostini may publish from time to time.

PLUS - All subscribers receive their next issue and McLaren Team Cap FREE in their first parcel, a FREE binder to store their magazines in the second parcel, FREE 1:72 scale keyring in the fifth parcel, and FREE 1/4 Scale Steering Wheel in the tenth parcel
I must learn not to rush .. as this could be a costly mistake .. As i am finding out .. I only have myself to blame for the c*ck up's ..
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